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Full Service  List

Welcome to our full service list! Please schedule a consultation for individualized treatment plans and pricing.


Take a look at our offerings and let us know if you have any questions. We're here to help!


Forehead & 11’s   


Crow’s Feet 

11’s & Crow’s feet 

Complete Upper Face (Forehead, 11’s, & crow’s feet)


Bunny Lines 

Lip Flip 

Gummy Smile 

Down-turned mouth 

Chin smoothing 

Complete Lower face (down-turned mouth & chin smoothing)


Jaw slimming/Masseter treatment

Temporalis & Masseter 


** ask about neck botox **

Hyperhidrosis Treatment (including underarms, under breast, hairline, upper lip, and hands) 

                          $1250 (underarms, under breast, hairline, and hands)

                          $ 300-500 (upper lip - varies by amount of product needed)

Tear Trough (Under eye) 


Cheeks & Under eye combo


Nasolabial folds (smile lines) 

Lip filler

Complete smile (lips, lip flip & smile lines) 

** add PDO threads to any lip treatment to enhance lip borders** 


Jaw Line 

Dissolving Filler


Microneedling                            6 treatment package      $1500

Microneedling with PRP       3 treatment package      $1000

Microneedling for Hair Growth                                           inquire about pricing

Smooth Threads

Necklace lines $400 per treatment

Neck tightening/fat reduction $650 per treatment

Glabellar lines $350 per treatment

Collagen bio-stimulation $650-850

(Good for acne scars, scaring, crepe skin, & volume loss)

Lip Border $350 (when not combined with lip treatment)


Lifting Threads

3-vector face lift $1500

Snatched Jawline $1000


3-vector face lift w/ Snatched jawline $2000

Wellness injectables are priced per injection. Price varies by injection type. Be sure to ask about package pricing. 

                    Amino Blend $50

                    B12  $30

                    Vitamin Complex $30

                     NAD + $70

                     Tri-immunity $45

                     Lipo-Mino w/ L-carnitine $90


                   Learn more

                  Learn more

                   Learn more

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